Hi! We are Toto and Tria, regular 9-to-6 employees who daydream about the sun, sand, and sea 43% of the time (yes, we calculated it. Loljk). Roughly 7% of the time, we actually pack our bags and head to somewhere sunshiny to get, uh, wet.

We are not madly, deeply, truly in love with our office jobs, but hey! We have bills to pay and dogs to feed 😉 There are also some sweet perks that come with our jobs, and we do not like to give them up just yet.

But that doesn’t mean we let ourselves wallow in self-pity every day at work while looking at pictures of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, or wishing we were born with a diamond-encrusted silver spoon in our mouths so we could easily fly to Palawan whenever we fancy…

Liar, liar, pants on fire! 😉

Okay, fine. We sometimes do, especially when we’re uninspired at work. It’s probably part of the quarter life crisis phenomenon that’s taking over the yuppie-dom and all that shizz (we’re allowed to use that excuse because we’re in our mid-20s – deal with it. Mwehehehe).

BUT! We try our hardest to look at the brighter side of things. Aside from the bi-monthly paycheck and free insurances and annual bonuses (wow, it sounds much, much better on paper lol), we take advantage of the 15 paid leaves per year and 20+ Philippines holidays to explore the 7,107 islands in the country.

Join us in our travels (fueled by seat sales) and food adventures (fueled by gluttony) around the Philippines as we do our very best to achieve the elusive “work-life balance.” Wow, big words!

Cheers ♥


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